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Mnon Pa Mdzod Rtsa Grel Vasubandhu

Mnon Pa Mdzod Rtsa Grel


ISBN : 9787540912307
592 pages
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 About the Book 

Vasubandhu (Sanskrit: वसुबन्धु- traditional Chinese: 世親- pinyin: Shìqīn- Tibetan: དབྱིག་གཉེན་, Wylie: dbyig gnyen) (fl. 4th century) was an Indian Buddhist monk and, along with his putative half-brother Asanga, one of the main founders of the Indian Yogācāra school.Vasubandhu is one of the most influential figures in the entire history of Buddhism, and is held to have introduced formal logic to the Buddhist epistemological tradition. In the Jodo Shinshu branch of Buddhism, he is considered the Second Patriarch- in Zen, the 21st Patriarch.