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From Eve to Esther Nell Mohney

From Eve to Esther

Nell Mohney

Published April 1st 2001
ISBN : 9780687096220
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 About the Book 

Study of 8 Old Testament women and the lessons they have for todays women. Explores the unique circumstances of each woman and the practical and spiritual insights we can glean from her story. Because the scriptures often tell little about some of these women, the author combines research into the customs of the day with her own imagination to fill in the blank places and help contemporary women identify with their biblical counterparts. Each chapter begins with a delightfully refreshing retelling of the biblical womans story, followed by suggested lessons or insights that contemporary women can apply in thier own lives. The authors conversational style and numerous anecdotes make for enjoyable reading and discussion. Study helps for individual or group use are porvided at the end of each chapter.